Andromeda Quest

gamedevscale4It’s a new frontier for many species of humanoids in the galaxy. Explorers from a far away system, the Tanett, came to this corner of the galaxy to cart new stellar phenomenon and meet new cultures. They brought with them new advanced technologies including interplanetary space flight, small weapons used for navigation and even hyperspace technology. Most of the cultures they encountered were peaceful as they were and only wanted to use their new found knowledge to explore and perhaps collect resources from asteroids and uninhabited planets. Trade agreements were established and a new era was ushered in which promised plenty and prosperity for all.

Little did the Tanett realize, some of the species they encountered were deceitful and aggressive. These species used the technologies they learned to develop weapons of war. These species soon became dissatisfied with the concept of trade and decided it would be easier to simply take what they wanted through brute force. This brought about yet another era. An era of war and death. Even the peaceful species found that they had to join in this horror in order to defend themselves and survive.

In Stellar Conquest there are up to six of these species of which you are one. Are you an explorer or an aggressor? A producer of salable goods and materials or a conqueror? Eventually you will have to join in the fight. it’s the only way you’re going to survive.

Stellar Conquest can be played by 2-6 players ages 12 and up.

Game Rules

Expansion Pack

In Stellar Conquest you are able to invest in your planets, but it’s limited. The Stellar Conquest Expansion Pack introduces commerce, trading, mining and ship manufacturing, allowing for a whole new gaming experience.

Expansion Pack Rules

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