Blind Alley Game Rules

Set up

To set up the game set the main board flat on the table and insert as many pegs in the holes as are needed for the size of game you with to play.


There are many options when playing as to the number of pegs used and the number of beads stacked on a peg. How many are used depends on the number of players and the degree of challenge desired. Here is a guide to help decide which options to use:

Number of players            2        3        4 or more
Number of pegs               4X4   5X5   6X6
Number of beads high    4         5       6

Starting the game

  1. After it is decided who goes first, the first player places one bead on any peg desired, followed by the next player and so on.


  1. A point is made when a player places four beads in a line in any direction; up, across, diagonal, diagonal up, ANY direction. A point is also made when a player places four beads in a square in any direction.

  2. The game is over when the board is full or the next player to place a bead has no more beads.

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