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New Card Design

CL Card Display
CL Card Display

The last set of cards I made for this game were made 30+ years ago, by hand, on a photocopier, and cut by hand. Times have changed. Technology has changed. It’s taken days so far to do the general re-design and build the blue deck. Four more decks to go. Easier access to graphics, better graphics programs, better printers, better paper and access to a Cricut Paper Cutter. These cards will be beautiful! A few more days of graphics work and they’ll be ready to print. Looking forward to it!

CL Expansion Packs

Cretan Labyrinth expansion packs are decks of cards containing questions about a subject or group of related subjects. Before receiving a weapon/tool, diamond or key a player must correctly answer a question from the deck. If a four diamond card is drawn, the player must correctly answer a question for each diamond received (player may choose which colour diamond to receive for each question). Another player must read the question because the answer is located below the question.

Some packs are a set of four decks. At the beginning of the game three cards from each deck are laid face down on the table. A player may choose which subject question to answer. These stacks of three are only replenished when all four stacks of three are gone, so a player must choose a subject they may not prefer.

If more than one expansion pack is available, players may mix and match which four subjects to use for the game. This way, adults can play with children by having two subjects made for children and two for adults. This is a good way to play since children will inadvertently learn more advanced subjects by listening to the adults’ answers. Another option is to use six subjects.