Cretan Labyrinth

gamedevscale5Monsters and pitfalls galore!

Cretan Labyrinth is a game of many dangers. But don’t worry, there are tools and weapons to help you through the worst of them. This game is for 2-4 players and is suitable for ages 12 and up.

The Setting
You are in ancient Greece on the Isle of Crete and you along with other “criminals” have been cast into the dreaded labyrinth as punishment for insulting the great ruler of Greece. Each of you have been cast in at different gateways to the maze and you each must use all of your cunning and strength to escape the deadly magic maze alive!

The only way out is to collect magical colored diamonds along your way to release the Magic Key in the key chamber located in the great palace, and from there make your way back to where you came in collecting more magical diamonds along your way. You need all four different diamonds and the key in order to open the gate to the outside world!

But watch out! There are many dangerous monsters and devious creatures along your path, and speaking of the path, the walls appear and disappear right before your very eyes so it’s a constant struggle to go in the direction you need to go!

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to travel from the labyrinth entrance to the center, acquire a Magic Key and return to your entry point. All the while avoiding obstacles, battling monsters & other players and collecting required objects along the way.

Monsters and Devious Creatures
Here, for your benefit, is an introduction to the creatures you will meet:

MINOTAUR: This is a dreadful beast! Half man with the head of a bull. This monster will kill anything in it’s path. If you meet him without defense, you can kiss your life good-by.

MEDUSA: This is an eivil woman with snakes for hair. If you so much as look into her eyes without the use of a mirror, you will be turned to stone!

PTERODACTYL: A prehistoric flying creature who has designated itself to be the keeper of the diamonds. This winged giant will attack stealing all the diamonds you have worked so hard to collect!

CYCLOPS: Living in caves (sometimes a cave is the only way you can go), a one eyed giant eighteen feet tall! Too awkward and slow to catch a cunning human, he will trap you and slow your progress. But watch out! If he does catch you, he’ll eat you!

PAN: A devious little fellow! Half horse and half boy, he’ll lure you with his flute music then steal your diamonds!

UNICORN: This is a horse with a single long, spiraled horn of solid gold. This creature will lure you with a hypnotizing beauty and then ZAP! You’re miles from where you were!

RATTLE SNAKE: You want to stay away from these guys. It’s best to go back where you came from rather than trying to pass.

PEGASUS: A beautiful winged steed, your only sanity in this insane world. Catch him and this winged steed will take you anywhere you want to go!

Tools & Weapons
MAGIC BOW AND ARROW: This long range weapon can be used to kill the Cyclops, the Minotaur and the Pterodactyl.

MAGIC SWORD: In the hand of a skilled swordsman this unique weapon can be used against Medusa, the Minotaur and the Pterodactyl.

MAGIC FEATHER: if you find yourself in the presence of some unwanted “high adventure”, this can be used to fly across a cavern, fly out of a pit or fly from a cliff.

SHRINKING POTION: This disgusting tasting stuff can help you “think small” to get out of a cave-in or get around the Cyclops.

ROPE: This is often handy to get out of a pit or to cross a cavern.

MIRROR: Not only does this enable you to look at Medusa (not that you’d want to), but if Medusa sees herself in a mirror, she will turn herself to stone (no wonder her hair is such a mess)!

HEAD OF MEDUSA: If you defeat Medusa, you can keep her head as a weapon against other players (sorry, it only works on humans, not other creatures). Even though she is dead, if anyone looks her in the eye, they will be turned to stone.

 Game Rules

Future Plans
This game can easily expanded into an educational game. These expansion packs would be simple question/answer card decks. Correctly answering these questions will allow a player to progress, get a diamond, etc. Some expansion packs will consist of a single subject, others will consist of a group of related subjects. Literally many dozens of these expansion packs will be available.

2 thoughts on “Cretan Labyrinth

  1. Just played this game tonight at the kelowna library. Very fun, very interesting game. Over the course of the game, there were many lead changes and it stayed exciting to the very last turn. The nature of the rules make it so nobody gets behind too far that they can’t easily catch up with a couple good turns unlike many games out there today that cause players to lose interest of they fall too far behind.

  2. Pretty quick to pick up the rules which I really liked about it. Turned from a happy solo gathering mission to a bloody manhunt which was pretty neat how your objectives shift.

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