Cretan Labyrinth Game Rules

The Setting

You are in ancient Greece on the Isle of Crete and you along with other “criminals” have been cast into the dreaded labyrinth as punishment for insulting the great ruler of Greece. Each of you have been cast in at different gateways to the maze and you each must use all of your cunning and strength to escape the deadly magic maze alive!

The only way out is to collect magical colored diamonds along your way to release the Magic Key in the key chamber located in the great palace, and from there make your way back to where you came in collecting more magical diamonds along your way. You need all four different diamonds and the key in order to open the gate to the outside world!

But watch out! There are many dangerous monsters and devious creatures along your path, and speaking of the path, the walls appear and disappear right before your very eyes so it’s a constant struggle to go in the direction you need to go!

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to travel from the labyrinth entrance to the center, acquire a Magic Key and return to your entry point. All the while avoiding obstacles, battling monsters & other players and collecting required objects along the way.

Monsters and Devious Creatures

Here, for your benefit, is an introduction to the creatures you will meet:

MINOTAUR: This is a dreadful beast! Half man with the head of a bull. This monster will kill anything in it’s path. If you meet him without defense, you can kiss your life good-by.

MEDUSA: This is an evil woman with snakes for hair. If you so much as look into her eyes without the use of a mirror, you will be turned to stone!

PTERODACTYL: A prehistoric flying creature who has designated itself to be the keeper of the diamonds. This winged giant will attack stealing all the diamonds you have worked so hard to collect!

CYCLOPS: Living in caves (sometimes a cave is the only way you can go), a one eyed giant eighteen feet tall! Too awkward and slow to catch a cunning human, he will trap you and slow your progress. But watch out! If he does catch you, he’ll eat you!

PAN: A devious little fellow! Half horse and half boy, he’ll lure you with his flute music then steal your diamonds!

UNICORN: This is a horse with a single long, spiraled horn of solid gold. This creature will lure you with a hypnotizing beauty and then ZAP! You’re miles from where you were!

RATTLE SNAKE: You want to stay away from these guys. It’s best to go back where you came from rather than trying to pass.

PEGASUS: A beautiful winged steed, your only sanity in this insane world. Catch him and this winged steed will take you anywhere you want to go!

Tools & Weapons

MAGIC BOW AND ARROW: This long range weapon can be used to kill the Cyclops, the Minotaur and the Pterodactyl.

MAGIC SWORD: In the hand of a skilled swordsman this unique weapon can be used against Medusa, the Minotaur and the Pterodactyl.

MAGIC FEATHER: if you find yourself in the presence of some unwanted “high adventure”, this can be used to fly across a cavern, fly out of a pit or fly from a cliff.

SHRINKING POTION: This disgusting tasting stuff can help you “think small” to get out of a cave-in or get around the Cyclops.

ROPE: This is often handy to get out of a pit or to cross a cavern.

MIRROR: Not only does this enable you to look at Medusa (not that you’d want to), but if Medusa sees herself in a mirror, she will turn herself to stone (no wonder her hair is such a mess)!

HEAD OF MEDUSA: If you defeat Medusa, you can keep her head as a weapon against other players (sorry, it only works on humans, not other creatures). Even though she is dead, if anyone looks her in the eye, they will be turned to stone.

The Cards

There are four colors of “do” cards. When a player lands on a place which has a treasure chest, that player must take one card of the corresponding color and do as it says. Even if a player is transported to another space when it’s not their turn (this happens with the unicorn sometimes), that player must take a card. In this case if the two players ar taking the same color card the player who’s turn it is draws first.

The other deck is “direction” cards. These explain what to do on them.

Game Rules

Starting the Game

  1. Choose a colored playing piece and place it on the corresponding gateway (large colored square on each side of the board) on the board.

  2. Each player rolls one die and the highest roll goes first.


  1. The first player first rolls the dice to see how far to go and then takes a direction card to see which direction to go. The player then moves accordingly.

  2. There are two squares on each side of the entry square. The player may choose which of these to leave by as desired, as long as it’s the direction dictated by the direction card.

  3. Each player then takes their turn in sequence clockwise around the table.

  4. If a player’s move ends on a blank space, the player may stop there or on any colored space that may have been crossed in that roll, but not on another blank space.

  5. If a player’s move ends on a colored space, the player may stop on that colored space or any other colored space that may have been crossed in that roll, but not on a blank space.

  6. If a player ends a move on a colored space then the player must take a card from the top of the deck of corresponding color and do as it says. If the card is a tool or weapon then the card may be kept for later use. Other cards are returned to the bottom of the deck.

  7. If a player ends up on a colored space against their will, ie: a card says “Move away from goal three spaces”, then the player must take a card of that color.

  8. If a player runs into a wall (edge of the board) during a move, that is the end of the player’s move unless the player wishes to go back to a colored space (see Rule #6).

  9. A player may not enter another player’s gateway. If a player runs into another player’s gateway then that is the end of the turn unless the player wishes to go back to a colored space (see Rule #6). An exception here would be when a player is sent to the nearest gateway by a card.

  10. A player may pass through their own gateway. When passing through, the player may choose which square to exit by, as long as direction is maintained.

  11. If passing through the palace (center large square) then that is considered as one square.

  12. If a player’s move goes through and past the palace, the player may stop in the palace if desired.

  13. When exiting the palace, whether passing through or at the beginning of a turn, the player may choose which square to exit by as long as the direction is what is shown on the current direction card.

  14. If a player draws a card that says to find a diamond then the player receives a diamond of that color, but only one diamond of each color may be held at one time.

  15. If a player encounters a danger when drawing one of these cards and possesses a card that will help, then the danger may be circumvented by returning both cards to the bottom of their corresponding decks. The player then doesn’t have to do what the danger card says.

  16. Your first goal is to reach the temple (large square in the center). Once there you may obtain a Magic Key by handing in one of each (4) colored diamonds.

  17. Your next goal is to reach your original gateway. Once there you win the game if you possess one of each (4) color of diamond and the Magic Key.


  1. If you obtain the Magic Key, watch out! There is only one magic key1 and the other players will be after you to get your Magic Key! If a player lands on the same space as the player with the Magic Key (that player may stop even if the roll goes further), that player then is the keeper of the Magic Key and takes another turn.

  2. If a player lands within two spaces (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) of the player with the Magic Key (that player may stop even if the roll goes further) then that player may do battle with the keeper of the Magic Key in order to gain the key.

  3. Players do battle by using their tool/weapon cards against each other. First the attacker (the one without the key) announces an attack and display a weapon. The defending player then displays a weapon and the victor is the one with the strongest weapon. The strength of the weapons is as follows (the numbers in the “Will Defeat” columns refer to the numbers in the Tool/Weapon column):

    1. Magic Bow and Arrow 1,3,5,6 2,3,4,6,7
    2. Magic Sword 2,4,6 1,4,5,6,7
    3. Magic Feather 2,3,4,6 2,4,6
    4. Shrinking Potion 1,4,6 1,6
    5. Rope 3,4,5,6 3,4,6
    6. Mirror 7 7
    7. Head of Medusa 3,4,5,6 1,2,3,4,5

  4. If neither player has a weapon then the two players each roll one die and the victor is the high roll.

  5. With both methods the tie goes to the defender.

  6. If the attacker is victorious then that player may take another turn.

  7. If the keeper of the Magic Key passes within two spaces of another player then player must stop and do battle with that player as soon as the player comes within range. The keeper of the Magic Key is the defender and the other player is the attacker. In this case, if the attacker is the victor the the player does not take another turn.

    1 An option would be to use four magic keys and eliminate rules 10 through 16, the battle rules.

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