Game Development Scale

gamedevscale5At Anconn Entertainment we use a Game Development Scale as a progress meter. Here’s what it means:

This is where you’re driving down the road and that brilliant idea hits you so hard you almost crash.

Initial Prototype
You forget you’re actually on your way to work and rush home ’cause you just HAVE to build one.

Initial Testing
Now you take your new creation and start playing with yourself. err… I mean… you pretend you’re two or three different players and make sure everything works.

This is actually the second prototype stage, if needed. None of our games make it onto this site until they make it past this stage.

Second Testing
Here is where all your friends and family run for the hills. That is, until they actually see how much fun your game is.

Pricing Components
This is a long drawn out stage. It involves finding a suitable artist and getting proofs, designing a working model and finding a one-off manufacturer to make it for you.

gofundme Campaign
Gofundme is a crowd-funding site that is great for starting a project when you don’t have enough funds to get proper investment. This allows you to develop your project to the point of having a marketable product.

Hiring Artwork
You found the artist you want to work with in the Pricing stage. Now it’s time to hire them.

Initial Production Prototype
You also found the manufacturer you want to work with in the Pricing stage. This is where you get them to make just one to be sure it’s what you want.

Initial Production Batch
Now you order a small batch of a hundred or so to send out as samples.

Final Testing
Make arrangements with game clubs and stores around the country and beyond. Send them each a game with the requirement of feedback.

Use this feedback to make any final adjustments needed. At this point you will have a pretty good idea of how much it costs to order a large batch and any other related expenses.

KickStarter Campaign
KickStarter is another crowd-funding site. It is more business oriented than gofundme. This is where you raise the money to order a large batch and sell a pile of games at the same time. Sweet deal!!

Additional Marketing
From your KickStarter campaign you made enough money to order more copies than what you sold in the campaign, so now you have to sell the rest. That requires marketing. That can take many forms, but a site like this one is a good start.

Now you’re rollin’ in it! Well, we hope so anyway. This is also the point you may want to sell the whole thing to an established game company so you can move on to the next one.

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